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The Happy Fox, our passion project which has proven to be so much more. 

We are Brad and Renee, the owners of The Happy Fox. 

In 2018 we set out to open up a little cafe that allowed us to share our passion for food, good service and great experience - everytime. 

Brad is a qualified chef, trained in Italian dining. His passion for quality is second-to-none and he's managed to combine his culture and understanding of the consumer to deliver a menu that is vast, yet simple and oozes with subtle flavours, excellence and personal touch. 


Renee is a qualified hairdresser with a passion for hospitality, styling and creating experiences. She's the engine room of The Happy Fox and has an incredible passion for service and has ensured it's done right, every time. She understands the impact of 'the little things' and all those things have ensured that her big dream to one day own and operate a cafe would come to fruition. 


" Who would have thought opening a humble little cafe would create so many amazing relationships, friendships and memories."

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