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APPLE & CINNAMON RICE PUDDING                                              17

Coconut rice pudding with cinnamon, honey roasted apples, maple syrup topped with pistachios and pepitas


KIMCHILLI SCRAMBLE                                                                         20

Multigrain sourdough toast with scrambled eggs, kimchi, shallots, edamame with togarashi oil


DRUNKEN MONKEY PANCAKES                                                       22

Buttermilk pancakes, chocolate fudge sauce, banana, rainbow coco-pop crunch, vanilla ice cream, wafer + rum maple syrup


MEDITERRANEAN FRITATA                                                                 22

2 eggs, roast pumpkin, asparagus, zucchini and sundried tomatoes cooked in a

skillet topped with fetta + confit garlic toast


EGGS YOUR WAY                                                                                  12

Toasted multigrain sourdough with your choice of:

 Poached | Scrambled |  Fried eggs 


BAE ROLL                                                                                               10

Bacon, fried egg, Swiss cheese and smokey BBQ sauce on a milk bun 

Add hash brown       + 3


BREAKY ROLL                                                                                        16

Bacon, fried egg, house made chilli jam, avocado, Swiss cheese + Hash

brown on a milk bun


EGGS BENNY                                                                                        22

Poached eggs, spinach and hollandaise on country white loaf toast with your choice of:   Bacon   |    Ham   |   House cured Salmon  


THE BIG FOX – no alterations                                                             25

Two eggs your way, bacon, haloumi, chorizo, hash brown, garlic thyme mushrooms, roast peperonata with multigrain sourdough toast

Add Hollandaise          + 3


AVO SMASH                                                                                          22

Multigrain sourdough toast, smashed avocado, herb-marinated feta, poached eggs, lemon and za’atar seasoning






Smashed Avocado |Marinated Feta | Garlic thyme mushrooms             6 ea. 

Bacon | House cured Salmon | Chorizo | Halloumi                                   7 ea.

Hash brown | Spinach | Hollandaise                                                           3 ea.

Extra toast | Gluten free roll                                                                     3.5 ea.

Extra egg | Tomato |  House made Chilli Jam                                        3.5 ea.

Gluten free toast | Vegemite | Peanut Butter | Strawberry Jam               1 ea.

SALMON PASTA                                                                                        25 

Spaghetti cooked in lemon cream with asparagus, zucchini, spinach and

salmon + confit garlic toast


PULLED PORK SALAD                                                                               22

Crispy noodles, pulled pork with oakleaf, edamame, cucumber, kimchi topped with cashews and a soy chilli dressing


ROASTED VEGE PANINI                                                                          15

Roasted capsicum, pumpkin, spinach, camembert, Spanish onion, sundried

tomato pesto

Add marinated chicken  + 6


PULLED PORK BURRITO                                                                          19

Pulled pork, roasted capsicum, marinated beans, avocado, spinach in a  toasted burrito

OR make yours a Pork Burrito Bowl

MEDITERRANEAN CHICKEN WRAP                                                      18

Marinated chicken, chorizo, halloumi, spinach and aioli on a toasted wrap


CHICKEN BURGER                                                                                    15

Southern style fried chicken, kimchi, spinach, cucumber,  HF sauce on a toasted milk bun


CLASSIC BURGER                                                                                      15

House made beef patty, oakleaf, tomato, Spanish onion, American cheddar, tomato sauce and aioli






CHIPS served with tomato sauce                     6   

SWEET POTATO FRIES served with aioli        8     






CHEESE TOASTIE                                                                                       9

DIPPY EGGS AND SOLDIERS                                                                   12

BUTTERMILK PANCAKE | Strawberries, ice cream + maple syrup        13      

CHICKEN NUGGETS & CHIPS | w/ tomato sauce                                   14

CHEESEBURGER | Beef patty, cheese & tomato sauce                           12

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